A topical question about topical anesthetic
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Where can I buy viscous (liquid) lidocaine, either online or in person? Store must either be in Toronto or ship there.
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I've tried some googling and found some sites that sell it, but they look rather sketchy. I'm hoping someone can recommend a reliable source.
posted by orange swan at 4:22 PM on February 10, 2017

Get it from a pharmacy? I used to write prescriptions for it all the time in Toronto.
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Not sure if you can do it without medical licenses or a prescription, but for normal chemicals, I have used Sigma Aldrich successfully in the past. They are big chemical and have the certifications to back everything up.
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Would something like aloe gel with lidocaine formulated for sunburn be viscous enough?
posted by Stewriffic at 6:04 PM on February 10, 2017

For a more Canadian context, something like this?
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