Do I need a second opinion regard a vocal hemorrhage?
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I hurt my vocal cords on New Year's Eve and I was recently diagnosed with a vocal cord hemorrhage by laryngoscopy on 1/31. I was told by the ENT that it looks like it should heal okay within about a month, prescribed Priolosec to suppress any acid reflux that might delay healing, and directed to lay off shouting, whispering, singing, booze and caffeine during that time. I was also told that I should be okay to talk normally at work. Is this sound?

I was told that I have no polyps or nodules--nothing which might require surgery--and while I naturally defer to the professional opinion of my ENT and her visual assessment of the condition, a lot of sources online recommend absolute vocal rest at the risk of otherwise causing permanent vocal damage. It could be that the hemorrhage simply wasn't that bad and does not require such extreme measures, but the fact is that I don't have any frame of reference as to whether things are healing up as expected. I was originally prescribed steroids by my general practitioner which may have made matters worse (he suspected laryngitis), and I mostly took it easy before the hemorrhage was diagnosed, so in my ignorance, it feels like this is taking a long time to improve.

Let me also say that I can talk without discomfort, and following the doctor's directions won't be difficult. I'm planning a weekend of total silence no matter what. I suppose the safe bet is to stretch that out, but work makes that difficult as I do a lot of talking during the day. I can avoid having to do presentations and such, but if I'm going to take several days off I need to be sure it's justified.
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If you're worried and if you can get one, get a second opinion. The worst that could happen is that it'll make you feel more confident in your treatment plan. And doctors don't take it personally. I'd get one if it's not too costly or difficult to do.
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I ended up getting a second opinion, and I'm glad I did. I feel much more confident in my treatment plan, and I have a much better knowledge of what's going on with my vocal cords now. Thanks for your help, decathecting.
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