Name Some Movies That Depict an Aircraft Fighting A Giant Robot
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When I say "giant robot", I'm thinking of robots roughly the size of the jaegers in Pacific Rim, around 100 - 200 ft. tall. Unicron (of the Transformers) is way too big. Partial credit for movies that have an aircraft fighting some other giant creature, such as King Kong or Godzilla. Go.
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This happens in the Iron Giant. There is also some of this in Cloverfield, but no robot.
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The Imperial Walkers being attacked by aircraft (amongst other things) in The Empire Strikes Back. Not sure if they are considered robots or not....
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The intro to Pacific Rim has this (in "Aircraft vs. giant monster" form)
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I don't think I'm exceeding the trailer in terms of revealing, but Star Wars: Rogue One has more of the same Imperial Walkers vs. aircraft, though aircraft of a different stripe than the snow-speeders of Empire Strikes Back
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A product of the mockbuster factory known as The Asylum, "Atlantic Rim" also has aircraft vs. giant monsters, and flying giant robots vs. giant monsters, etc. as can be seen in the trailer.

Not sure if the robots are big enough for you, but I'm sure all the live-action Transformers qualify, especially considering that some of the Decepticons are aircraft when they're not giant robots.
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Not sure if this is going to meet your needs at all, but 10 years ago it was pretty impressive.
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Independence Day 2 has, at the climax, Earth fighter jets fighting the alien queen who's a kind of giant alien mecha.
Godzilla (1998) has Apache helicopters and fighter jets attacking the monster.
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To my great misery I only saw tiny bits of Endhiran (Robot), but it definitely had a scene with giant robot made of lots of human sized robots, taking on, among others, the shapes of a giant humanoid or serpent and fighting helicopters.
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This happens in the oft-maligned Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow.
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Totally not what you’re looking for, but technically in the category, is the capture of the cannibal giants using helicopters in “The BFG.”
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Your wish is my command.

Giant robot fighting stuff starts around 2:25:00
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A lot of scenes from Robotech/Macross involve (transformed) airplanes attacking (non-transforming) bipedal 'robots.'
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The "Heisei" series of Godzilla films(mid 80's through late 90's) had elements of this in pretty much every film.

The Gamera Trilogy from the late 90's - early 2000's had this as well.
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