rugged travel alarm clock?
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Can you recommend a battery-powered alarm clock that will survive my cat? It should either be heavy enough that he can't slide it around with his paw, or small and tough enough to keep time when stuffed under a pillow.

Push-button illumination of the time and a temperature sensor would be nice, but are not deal-breakers. I'll end with the requisite cat picture.
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I use this Brookstone one. I have a bedside table that has a drawer. When our cat bothers the alarm, I can just put it in the drawer and leave the drawer open a crack so I can still hear it.
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I have the same one that gudrun linked, and it works great. The flip cover did crack, but it works fine without it.
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Vibrating alarms that slip under my pillow work great for me. Sadly the "Shake Awake" model I've used for twenty years and dropped countless times is no longer sold.

Harris Communications sells all sorts of assistive tech for Deaf/hard of hearing folks, and claims Serene Innovations VA3 Vibrating Travel Alarm Clock Is a reasonable successor.

Similar devices are no doubt available at other online stores.
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Best answer: I have a Clocky. It's designed to jump off side tables so it's pretty tough. My cats couldn't harm it but one did have an inexplicable obsession with licking its wheels.
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Oh and the big rubber wheels make it quite sticky, they can't slide it off. Unlike lamps.
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