How to easily add an “add to calendar” link on my WordPress blog?
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I want to occasionally post about an event on my WordPress blog, and in that post, add a nice little “Add to calendar” button that gives the reader an .ics file or whatever to pop it into their own calendar of choice. Ideally this would be a simple shortcode generator or something, where I can just quickly fill out a form with the name, times, and location, and out pops the button/link.

I have searched, but it seems my google-fu is weak, and all I see in the WordPress plug-ins are big calendaring apps. I don't feel like I need a full-blown calendar on my website at this point, but maybe you know if one of these full-blown calendars will work well for the purpose and I can just hide the rest of it? I am relatively scripting-savvy, so if you have another suggestion that's a little more technical than “download this WP plugin,” that's cool too.
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This is a script you can add into your functions.php file; the suggested use would be to add some custom fields to your post type where you'd store the relevant calendrical data, and this would spit out the ICS file.
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Best answer: Can you use
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Response by poster: Thanks, both. The script is a little more involved than I'd like, but I think AddToCalendar is a good stopgap for now.
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You can easily add an "add to calendar” link to WordPress blog. A calendar system would help you to get with many views, upcoming events widget, color-coded categories.
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