Depth of 2012 Nissan Murano Seat Back
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I can't believe I'm wasting a question on this, but what is the depth of the seat back to a 2012 Nissan Murano. Specifically, I need to know the distance from the midpoint of the headrest posts to the back edge of the seat. I believe the measurements would be similar for years 2009-2014. Does anyone have a vehicle they can measure? Thanks!
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Just in case no one has the same vehicle they can measure for you:

Nissan Murano has a forum where you could try posting your query, and possibly receive an answer. There is a section specifically dedicated to "2nd Gen (2009-2014)" models.

Hope that helps, at least a little. Best luck!
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You could also maybe drop by a local dealer when it's slow and ask them to open one for you so you can measure?

I had stranger requests when I was selling cars for a living. If it's slow and you're polite and up-front about the request, they'll find someone to do you a favor.
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