Is it too late to send a post-interview thank you note?
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Is 1 week too late to send a post-interview thank you email to the hiring team? Is it necessary if working with an internal recruiter?

I applied for a position at a large company and although I didn't get a position, they circulated my resume internally. An internal recruiter reached out and set up a phone interview with me and one of the hiring managers.

The phone interview went well and last Thursday I had an in-person interview with the rest of the hiring team, however I did not get the email addresses of the interviewers. I asked the recruiter for their email addresses on Friday so I could send out a thank you email. She got back to me with the email addresses just now (Wednesday evening) and said she'd have an update for me on the position by the end of next week. If I send a thank you email first this tomorrow morning (Thursday), they'd be receiving it 1 week after the interview.

Should I still send a thank you email? Is it typical to not send a thank you note to the interviewers if I've been working through the internal recruiter and haven't been directly corresponding with them?
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It is never too late to send a thank you for anything, especially for an interview. Even if it doesn't have any impact now, the person will probably remember the note, and you, later on.
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I personally wouldn't be offended at all, if I had been on an interview committee and got a note a week later.
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Best answer: Not at all. You never know when you apply for a position whether they're saving your resume for another position that comes up in the company. This happened to me and no one told me until I'd been working there for six months or so. They remembered my resume, but also the thank-you note that I sent, and set my resume aside. It's never too late!
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Best answer: In today's market, not sending one implies you aren't that interested. Send it and don't mention how long ago the interview was.
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Best answer: As someone who has been hired and has been in a position to make hiring decisions, my advice is not to think of it as a belated thank-you email. Think of it as an opportunity to follow up and re-iterate interest in the position. It may not be a deciding factor, but a well-written note rarely hurts.
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Just send it, and no need to mention/apologize for the interview being a week ago. This really is a "better late than never" situation. The most important thing is to NOT be the person who DOESN'T send a note.
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Two posts about this in one day! Just remember that it's not really a thank-you note.
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