Pre-70's New York Photos
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So I'm looking for some photos to use as my Chromecast background and thought some old time New York photos might be neat-- anything before the 70's, the more the better! The trouble is, I'd like to be able to download them all in bulk-- or at least fairly quickly-- and I don't know the first place to look for that sort of thing! might be an option, thoughts??
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Not sure if you can download them in bulk but there's an amazing collection on the nyc municipal archives website:
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Oh boy , do I heart the facebook page Al Ponte's Time Machine for this. Won't help you with the bulk aspect of the request but it's really worth following.
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These images aren't public domain, but should be fine for personal use (and are really amazing) - no way to bulk upload, though.
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Another really great Facebook page (or at least used to be, so check the old posts there. It's gone downhill as it got more popular) is Manhattan Before 1990.
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NARA (the National Archives and Records Administration) has put a lot of their PD content on Wikimedia Commons. So if you wanted to use a tool like DownThemAll you could grab every picture from this page. They're not all exactly up your alley (some are portraits) but many are.
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There's also an Old New York Tumblt that features lots of pre-1980 photos.
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