Help me find an grad school, online, for photography
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My colleague has a BA in art. She seeks a Masters, but for numerous reasons has to do it online. She is seeking an accredited institution that offers a masters in photography, or failing that, a masters in fine arts or art education. Or, alternately, a photo program that has a "low residency" feature, requiring only a short (perhaps summer) face to face component but is largely online
posted by cccorlew to Education (4 answers total) 1 user marked this as a favorite lists one option, at SCAD. They also list one "graduate certificate" that's online but clearly not what she wants, and one hybrid that she'd need to look into for details.
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Transart Institute offers a two year low-residency model MFA in Creative Practice which incorporates residencies in Berlin and New York. It is accredited by Plymouth University in the UK and supports photography students very well. Caveat: I am a member of faculty here. Memail me if your colleague would like more info.
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Bard offers a low-residency MFA, which takes two years and two months, and involves three summer sessions of eight weeks each.
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Follow up! My colleague was accepted into a low residency masters program at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. She's as happy as she could be.
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