What are reputable international media outlets?
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I am compiling a list of non-US news outlets, to encourage my international business students to expand their consumption of media from outside the US. Currently I have a number of mostly Western-oriented outlets. I would like to enhance this list with some non-Western-oriented news sources. Do you have suggestions?

The purpose is to get the students to read at least one foreign media outlet daily, to become familiar with current events of a country or region, and how media is presented outside the US. I already have the BBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, France24, Le Monde Diplomatique, Al-Jazeera, the Times of India, the Economist and Radio Free Europe. Criteria I'm looking for include:
  • primarily focused on non-Western current events
  • preferably in English, but not necessarily
  • relatively unbiased, or at least reasonably well-respected in the international community
  • any type of media (TV, print, radio, online)
  • easily accessible from the US
I'm not looking at citizen media reporting like Global Voices or research compilation like Pew Global, but current events and news like a person living in another country might consume. What would you add to this list, to include non-Western points of view?
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I love the Financial Times. Skip the finance stuff if you're not interested. Lots of really great coverage of world events and politics and some excellent op-eds. They even have some pretty thoughtful letters to the editor.
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NHK World? Except for the few points where Japan vs China, Korea, Russia long running squabbles pop up...
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I thought there was more, but here's the MeFi Wiki page on Reputability of the media, which at the time of writing this, only covers UK, Israeli, and Canadian newspapers.
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Der Speigel is a major German magazine (an old Economist article said "The magazine ... often beat the rest of the German press combined.") They publish a lot in English.
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Deutsche Welt's English-language material has a pretty broad scope. Their show AfricaLink is hosted and written by African reporters and is available as a podcast. The most recent episode focuses on the Somalian election.

Crime Fighters isn't news, but an educational series of radio dramas / podcasts written around current affairs and aimed at African youth. It might appeal to your students.
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Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (Germany). Seconding the previously recommended Der Spiegel and Deutsche Welt, as well.

Le Monde (not Le Monde Diplo, which is a magazine) (France).

Corriere della Sera (Italy).

El Pais (Spain).

Sydney Morning Herald (Australia).

The Globe & Mail (Canada).

Ha'aretz and the Jersusalem Post (Israel).

Politico does good stuff from Brussels.

A bunch from the UK: The Times, the Guardian, maybe the Telegraph*, the New Statesman, Prospect, the Spectator*.

All pretty Western, but all good.

*These can be right-leaning, but they generally aren't screechy.
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You might also consider RT (Russia Today). It is Putin propaganda, but that's a point of view you don't often see.
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Best answer: The Hindu also from India (much better than the Times of India IMO).
Dawn from Pakistan.
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I would also recommend Der Spiegel and Deutsche Welle. Also in the past I've liked Reuters, The Guardian, and Al Jazeera although I can't speak to their current reputations aside from The Guardian.
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Best answer: Straits Times from Singapore.
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Best answer: South China Morning Post and Hong Kong Free Press for HK/China affairs.
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Seconding the mention of the FT. The Economist might be in every office waiting room but the FT is on people's desks (or their phones these days).

The Japan Times is the largest English language newspaper in Japan and generally well regarded afaik.
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Best answer: I can't judge reputability but AllAfrica has some of their own content and also aggregates. Indian Country covers the US and Canada but is particularly pertinent now w/regard to oil pipeline protests.
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Best answer: South Africa's Mail and Guardian is well respected.
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Best answer: The Financial Times is great, and the South China Morning Post is decent, but most of their articles are behind a paywall.

I read Asian news:
Asahi Shimbun (left leaning) -Japan
Yomiuri Shimbun (right leaning) - Japan
Taipei Times (left leaning) - Taiwan
China Post (right leaning) - Taiwan
Focus Taiwan (government, but decently centrist) - Taiwan

The Taipei Times is my favorite, mostly because their headlines can be hilarious.
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Best answer: Oh. And if those are too specific, the Asia Times (Hong Kong, I find it pretty centrist) is great for regional news.
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Response by poster: These are wonderful and I will check them out! Any Latin American news sources?
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For mainland china, you could read the China Daily, an English newspaper, although it's basically the voice of the government, so nlt balanced...but you'll definitely get a different view from that in the western media. It's sold in newspaper boxes in major american cities.
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the South China Morning Post is decent, but most of their articles are behind a paywall.

Nope. Not anymore. The scmp paywall got dropped some time ago.
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B92 for Balkan news - http://www.b92.net/eng/

Sydney Morning Herald - http://www.smh.com.au/

From Latin America, I follow Telesur. Pretty lefty, but you definitely get a different perspective of the world.

Univision's English content covers Latin America plus gives a different perspective on US news. http://www.univision.com/tag/news-in-english

Also nthing Spiegel, DW, and FT
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Global Voices might be good not as a primary resources as you're knocking that out, but as a gateway to other media in local languages. There's not so many good English languages resources for Latin America, I've found.
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Nope. Not anymore. The scmp paywall got dropped some time ago.
Huh. Thanks. I never click on scmp articles because it was never accessible before, so I guess I didn't notice.
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For another African resource, check out This Is Africa. Per their 'About' page, "This is Africa (TIA) is a forum for Africans, by Africans, to reclaim our identity, our heritage and our continent’s rightful political, economic and cultural position in the globalised world and in the global consciousness." They're supported by RNW Media, a public multimedia NGO from the Netherlands.
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One way I keep up with Indian news is via The Caravan.
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You might also enjoy TheWire.in, an online magazine from India. Generally left leaning.
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