Know an artist that does commissions, likes MTG, and steven universe?
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It's a pretty simple request... I'd like to commission some art for a magic the gathering playmat, but I'm not sure who is ideal. I read a lot of webcomics and might reach out to those creators, but I don' know any that would be a good fit for this request... basically, I want the cast of steven universe adapted as various planeswalkers from magic the gathering. I don't think the artist being a magic the gathering fan (or even steven universe fan) is strictly necessary, but I think it would help give the art some life if they could sort of happily run with it...
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Why don't you look on the Steven Universe tags on tumblr for potential artists? I see a lot of fanart (generally) out there, and many people take commissions now.
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Eric Klug is well known in the MtG community for his card alters, and does some great pop culture ones. Not sure about playmat art but doesn't hurt to contact him about it.
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You can also look for artists on Deviantart. I'm not sure if that's the best website to find current [fan] artists now, but I seem to come across a number of hits when looking at Pokemon, and I think it might be a better platform to differentiate original artists from re-posters. From a casual search, there are a number of artists who already mix the universes. Similarly, You could look through for artists who have their art for sale on other sites like Redbubble (SU search - only one hit for SU + MTG) or Etsy (SU) and contact them to see if they would do something on commission.
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Yeah, I see a TON of really quality SU fanart on Tumblr every day. Shoot someone you like a message and see if they're up for it! There's got to be some crossover :]
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Check out this group on Facebook, it's mostly for card alters but I'm sure there's some playmat artists working on there.
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Just popping in to recommend taking a look on Artstation.
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This artist does really nice work, is currently taking commissions, and has an aesthetic that I think would work really well for your crossover. They've definitely drawn SU stuff, I'm not sure about MtG but they have a definite... I don't know. A feel. They're also a comics artist and writer, and I think would be really willing to get into the storytelling/mythology part of this.
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Naomi Hudson is a friend of mine, she takes commissions, plays MtG and likes Steven Universe :)
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