ISO periodontist in DC/MD area
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Quarterly perio maintenance is coming. I moved to the College Park, MD area so I need someone new. Would love recommendations. I have DeltaCare USA. I have a car and am willing to drive. More inside.

Obviously I want someone competent, but here is my challenge ... I'm in my early 30s. I KNOW that's young to have problems (genetics & no care as a child). I REALLY do not need to hear it again with shock and dismay. Just replaying past interactions gets my blood pressure up again ...

So, yeah, someone non-judgey would be awesome. Thanks so much.
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Not a direct recommendation, but my dentist in DC was Modern Dentistry and they were utterly, utterly fantastic. Personably, funny, and never judgmental.

I'm not sure what perio services you need. If they are basic I imagine Dr. A can handle them. If more complex, his staff can surely recommend the best, most affable periodontist in the area.

Good luck!!
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I had a lot of perio work done at your age. I never thought it was that unusual. I used to go to (the previous incarnation) of Laurel Laser Dentistry. Have my Scaling and Root Planing done with a dental laser made all the difference to me. I have reason (change in insurance) to become a patient at that practice again and I'm going to do it even though I haven't needed perio work for years.

It's a straight shot up Route 1 from College Park to Cherry Lane in Laurel.
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I've gone to a periodontist since my early twenties. My genetics suck and quarterly maintenance helps mitigate the problem but it's not going away any time soon. I can't give any recommendations in your area, but I want to say that ANY kind of judgment is a good reason to never return to a practice. There are plenty of non-judgmental dentists out there, so just get away from the bad ones as fast as you can.

Also: find a hygienist that you love! One with a light hand makes all the difference for me in whether I'm tense and uncomfortable for an hour or barely noticing the cleaning.
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