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I came across a website several weeks ago that showed me the nearest swing districts to my zip code. It also showed who won and who lost each election and by how many votes. Any ideas? It was a link from another blog, but I can't seem to come up with the blog or search terms to find it. Relatedly, I'm interested in other websites that are organizing Democratic efforts for the midterm elections. Thank you!
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Swing Left!
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What rabbitbookworm said. Also, there was a bit of kerfuffle early on because it wasn't entirely clear who was running the site and some people got the idea it was some kind of trojan horse for collecting emails or whatnot.

But that has since been resolved, and the site seems to be on the up and up. So if you run across warnings to stay away from Swing Left, that seems to not be a real problem.
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Since you said you were interested in similar sites, Flippable is currently focusing on special elections that will take place before 2018. Lots of statehouse elections, which are important for redistricting, but also federal ones when they come up.
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I'd also check out Brand New Congress - it's not Democratic, it's bipartisan, but I think (possibly even because of that), that if it gained enough momentum it might have a real shot at changing things.
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