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Hello, travelers of Metafilter! I was in an airport last month and saw a businessman wheeling a very intriguing-looking suitcase. I couldn't see any labels but it had a distinctive feature that I've never seen before. Can you tell me what suitcase it was? Description inside!

What we know:

-it was carry-on size
-it was a hard shell
-it had at least two wheels
-the handle was black and ran the full width of the suitcase. It was elegantly beveled and looked like, when collapsed, it fit seamlessly into the top of the valise. I couldn't see a button release.
-it wasn't the Trunkster
-it wasn't the Bugaboo

What we don't know:
-if it had two or four wheels (I will rule out other possibilities)
-if the handle was telescoping (at a glance, it appeared to be one fixed length)

My immediate thought upon seeing it was that we've been doing suitcase design wrong for so long. Why have we not had full-width handles before? I can't stand the two bumps from the handles poking into my cargo space. There's more surface area for grabbing. It looks very clean. Help me find this mystery roller!

Thank you in advance.
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Something from the Worlds Lightest Luggage line?
posted by the agents of KAOS at 1:37 AM on February 8, 2017

Best answer: New rolling luggage?
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Best answer: Did it look like Marc Newson's luggage designs for LV?
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Any of these? I found them by Googling "innovative luggage design".
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Response by poster: Thank you for your help! I almost wish I'd never asked. Marc Newson's design indeed seems like the closest fit (I thought it was a hard poly shell, not leather, but then again I wasn't exactly inspecting it). Unfortunately it also seems to be in the $2600 to $5900 range. Hopefully this design starts to catch on though and it reaches "remotely approachable" status soon.
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FWIW, my Baseline pieces from Briggs & Riley have the handles on the outside.
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