The Softest Leggings In The World Will Soothe My Aching Liberal Heart
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MeFites, I'm sad about the American political situation. One thing that would make me happy is really soft, comfortable leggings. Like, kitten-soft. Thick. Stretchy. Leggings that will make me feel warm and safe as a baby deer while I am taking political action and strengthening my community.

-- Soft
-- Black (no weird patterns)
-- Reasonably thick -- doesn't have to be sweater-weight, but not the super flimsy, pantyline-showing type
-- No weird pyramid schemes like LuLaRoe and their ilk. Need to be able to buy from Amazon, Macy's or another big department store.
-- Available in L or XL
-- Won't disintegrate in the wash

I'm a big Hue leggings fan but I need even softer. Thanks in advance for making me feel comfy as I join with other kickass men and women to make the world more safe and just.
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Are fleece-lined leggings the kind of thing you're after?
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Response by poster: Thanks for those links! I'd prefer cotton or cotton blend. Polyester doesn't feel really soft to me (which is what those leggings are on the outside)
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I am super fucking snobby about so many things in life but I really love my Target fleece lined leggings.
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VIV on Amazon is apparently as nice as lularoe but cheaper.
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These are incredibly, incredibly soft, though I'm not certain if they are thick enough for you. There are a lot of reviews, though, so that might help guide you.
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Best answer: I love my Cuddl Duds leggings. I know you said cotton/cotton blend but these are poly/nylon and seriously VERY soft. They also make other leggings that are cotton blend, but the ones I linked are cozy and reasonably thick. So far all my cuddl duds have held up well in the wash and dryer--especially as I use one pair for exercise/hiking, they get washed a lot!
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Best answer: Seconding Cuddl Duds. My cousin got me a shirt-and-leggings set and hot damn are they soft. They also have none of the Spanx type front panels or compression fabric that's meant to flatten/shape.
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They might not be as soft as what you're after but I was EXTREMELY impressed with these Baleaf leggings from Amazon. They're like $17 and they are thick enough to hold their shape and not be see through, but stretchy enough to not squeeze your delicate torso organs when sitting. Plus they have a tiny little pocket for hiding keys or snacks or something in. I don't love the little silver logo, but with a long enough shirt or sweater, you never see it anyway.
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The only leggings I wear are from Pact. They are super soft and so comfortable. If you sign up for their mailing list you can take advantage of their frequent discounts. I adore their stuff so much that I have the leggings and the lounge pants and the underwear. And socks. Typing that out makes me think I might need an intervention. Please, no one intervene.
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Best answer: Duofold Women's Heavy-Weight Double-Layer Thermal Leggings. They're very, very soft. On the sweatpants end of the tights-to-sweatpants leggings spectrum.
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Ibex's Nomad pants, which are the rarely-seen merino fleece, are towards the sweatpants end of the continuum also, but they are cozy and warm like you would not believe. A trim cut, too--not sloppy.
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Best answer: 4thing Cuddl Duds - I love mine! I probably have like 4 pairs. I usually can't do synthetics either but theirs don't bother me. I love the cotton ones too. :)
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I have always loved my Land's End yoga pants that also comes in a legging style. Soft, comfortable, and reasonably priced below $50.
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Best answer: Duofold makes the best cotton long underwear. I haven't tried their leggings but I wear my long john bottoms as lounge pants and they are great!
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I'm wearing these TNA Equator Leggings from Aritzia today. I plan on buying another (identical) pair, which is quite rare for me. Do size up though (I'm usually XS and wear the S for maximum opacity).
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No recommendations but I was JUST thinking about this today and was going to ask the same thing! We can conquer together in the now attainable perfect black leggings!
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I ordered a pair of Cuddl Duds because of all of the great recommendations. Will check back in here with my review!
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Response by poster: Did you folks EVER come through.

For posterity: I ended up buying the Cuddl Duds and the Duofold Women's Heavy-Weight Double-Layer Thermal Leggings. Both are soft and cuddly and soothing in different ways. The Cuddl Duds are silky and slippery, kind of like lingerie or satin sheets. The whole day that I wore them, I felt lithe and graceful. They ran large IMO. The Duofold leggings are, like The corpse in the library said, "closer to sweatpants on the tights-to-sweatpants leggings spectrum" -- thick, fleecy and soft and they're kind of like wearing a hug, if that makes sense. WHICH IS AMAZING. They run true to size. It's more athletic-wear than fashion wear - so good for a sporty vibe but not so much under a dress or with heels.

I appreciate everyone's suggestions and the next time I buy leggings I want to try some of the other suggestions above. YOU ALL HAVE MADE ME SO VERY HAPPY. Thanks a million! Leaving this question "unresolved" in case anyone else wants to chime in with another leggings suggestion.
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