Remember kids' PC game from late 90s to mid-00s?
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Trying to recall a game I played with my kid between 1998 and 2006. I *think* it was online rather than on computer. It required you to answer questions (Science? Math?), I think the answers were multiple choice, and when you chose an answer, the animation reverted to a scene with a large rocking brain, and possibly a "mad scientist" sort of character, and after a bit of animation, it was revealed that your answer was CORRECT! (or not).
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Was it 'The Island of Dr. Brain?"
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Ooh nice, and Atari games were often in our house then, but this is not the one I'm trying to remember.
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Not one of the "You Don't Know Jack ?" series ?
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Was it a Learning Company game? I remember Gizmos and Gadgets had a mad scientist.
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Roughly half of these results for educational & science games are from 1998 or later...if you're not sure about the scienceyness, then you can pick other filters here. A caveat is that if this was a browser-based online game, its likely that mobygames wouldn't have it at all.
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