Recommendation needed for basic motion activated alarm
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I am looking for a simple security alarm, but not sure it exists. Searching Amazon has proved challenging. I want a battery operated motion detecting alarm that can I mount low on a wall near an outside door. I want to be able to turn it on at night, turn it off in the morning. I want it to beep or make a noise when our dog passes by it. I do not want a siren that sounds continuously until shut off. Maybe something similar to what shops use, where a beep goes off when a customer walks by the sensor in a store entrance? I need it to ship to Canada.

My aim is to use this as a deterrent for our dog who (as per a previous question) continues to pee near this door. Doggo is sensitive to noises, and I think a ‘beep’ might be enough to interrupt this habit. (per previous question – the vet has ruled out a physical reason for the behavior, we are looking into getting a behavioral trainer but may need to tackle this with multiple approaches. I would prefer not to have to crate her).
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How about this or this. Each allows you to record your own sound so you can record an annoying beep or one of you saying "no" or something.
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You can get something like this thing which is designed for pets at Canadian Tire.
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Harbor Freight carries these. They're good enough to detect dogs, cats, opossums, and skunks.
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