What's a good Icecast host?
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Trying to find the best Internet radio hosting for a show with over a thousand listeners, but there are so many choices out there. We're going to use Icecast but the prices out there seem to vary wildly.

On the one hand we want a tough enough plan that it won't sputter out or have downtime; on the other hand I wonder about paying $100/mo when there are people offering dirt-cheap plans. Any recommendations?
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we've been using shoutca.st at the college radio station i work with. the main caveat is that their two servers are in canada and france, if that matters to you. it's like $7/month for the pro level which is supposed to be pretty unlimited.
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But Wavestreaming is Shoutcast, not Icecast, and they charge $99/mo. for the over-1,000 listeners specified in the OP?
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For anyone who finds this thread, I want to anti-recommend Shoutca.st...they were pretty good for the first few weeks, but right now their service is down with not much tech support.
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