Bring me your finest examples of Nazis getting punched.
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I wish to compile a list of visuals of Nazis being punched. I would greatly appreciate your assistance in locating movies, tv shows, music videos, etc. where this is a thing that happens.

I have a media project brewing where these clips will be useful. A rough timestamp estimate for longer media would be greatly appreciated if possible.

I have a moderately expansive view of the term "Nazi"; examples of "Nazi by any other name" are fine as long as a fairly media-savvy person would make the connection. I would like to be reasonably specific about punching, or at least close-quarters hand-to-hand combat.

Please assume that I have reviewed the relative merits of punching Nazis versus not punching Nazis.
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I have no timestamps to offer but my starting point would be Indiana Jones. Followed by Inglorious Basterds. Followed by Saving Private Ryan.
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In the Doctor Who episode "Let's Kill Hitler" Rory punches Hitler!
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Top Secret, with a bonus that I won't spoil.
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This image from the "Punching Nazis" Tumblr is correct in that the guy on the ground is Fascist leader Oswald Mosley, who was punched and knocked down (yaaaay) at a Fascist rally. But the reddit group that originally posted the photo gave it the wrong date/context--it's not 1933, it's 1962, at a Fascist rally in London that was disrupted by huge protest:

"Crowd Wrecks Mosley Rally" (newsreel)

1962: Violence flares at Mosley rally
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There was a "Fash Bash Bash" in NYC recently of clips of punching/resisting fascists. I didn't go, so I cannot tell you what they showed. Maybe you can contact the organizers. It's described in this article.

That article led me to this one, which may be helpful.
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Can you use stills? My favorite of all time is always A Woman Hitting A Neo-Nazi With Her Handbag. This woman is the daughter of a woman who was in a concentration camp. Make sure you use the complete image with a high resolution, because the expressions on the nazis' faces in the background are also very satisfying - they're just flabbergasted that just some lady would dare to hit him. I also think that the contrast between the ordinary woman with her bag and someone who thinks he's this big, bold example of Aryan manhood (and really looks like a preening fool) is powerful.
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Specifially Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis is a whole game of punching Nazis.
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Does this count? Hermione punches Malfoy.
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Trina Robbins!!
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The iconic cover of Captain America #1.
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Danger 5? How about punching a giant robot driven by Hitler?
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Thanks for all the responses so far! Video clips are more immediately useful than stills, but I'm considering whether/how to work photos/drawings in.
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Here's the reel from the Fash Bash event mentioned by zorseshoes.
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Almost all of Kung Fury.
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How to deal with Nazis, from SLC Punk.
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