Give me your best foot massage
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This is a quest for the world's best foot massage. Practitioners and massager machine suggestions both welcome!

I have really bad, painful feet. They've been through surgeries and subjected to orthotics and riddled with arthritis; all of it leaves them in pain. Lately, my arch has literally felt like it's on fire. I'm craving the world's best foot massage. Seriously. The best foot massage you can get, on the entire planet.

Have you received a transcendent foot massage? Where/by whom (not counting from your SO)? Having done a lot of reading about this, many people report having amazing foot massages in Asia. I'd love to visit a reflexologist in Asia one day, and would love suggestions, but right now am also specifically in search of a great one I can get in the U.S. or Canada.

Also wondering if one of those expensive foot massaging machines from Hammacher Schlemmer and the like might give a decently great massage.

Thanks for your foot-related suggestions!
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Best answer: Honestly, roll a tennis ball around under the arch. Slowly build up to a lacrosse or golf ball over time.

To answer the question though, the best foot massage I ever had was at a cheap place next to the supermarket. I floated home and looked and felt like I'd had a million orgasms.
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Best answer: If you live in a city that has affordable reflexology spots, I'd recommend working your way through them until you find the best person in town, who rubs your feet the way you like it. After all, if you're on the west coast and I tell you about a great foot rub I had on the east coast, it won't do you much good. Sounds like you need a recurring appointment with someone close by to you - not a one-time visit to someone in Asia. Weekly massages make a world of difference, and reflexology can be pretty affordable.

In the meantime: these nubby/spiky massage balls are good for a quick fix.
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