Help me identify these locations (and a plane) from these old cine films
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Help me identify these locations (and a plane) from these old cine films: 1964. A plane comes in to land. What plane is it? Which airport? and 1970. Nairobi. The view from a balcony over a main road and (I assume) the rear balcony of the same building over a swimming pool. Where in Nairobi is this? and 1971. A car journey through Johannesburg to the airport. Which streets are these
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The castle passed over at 11 seconds is Windsor, as can be seen if you search for Windsor Castle from the air, so pretty certainly the airport is Heathrow.
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Came here to say it was Heathrow in the first one. The plane is pretty hard, being as it is such a zoomed in view, but the engines (shape and number) make me think it may be a Lockheed Electra.
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My first thought was also the Elektra, but the nacelles are missing the large air intake on top. Probably something British if it's landing at Heathrow, maybe a Vanguard or Viscount.
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Look at the last two seconds of the video. The nacelles are there, unless I'm going crazy. That was what made me pick the Electra.
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I agree with Brockles--almost certainly a Lockheed Electra. Neither the Viscount nor the Vanguard, nor the Bristol Brittania has a nacelle shape that matches the upper intake depicted in the last few seconds of the video. And that pretty much uses up the low-wing, four-engine turboprop airliners that would be flying into the UK.
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Another vote for an Electra, that was my first thought on seeing the engines.
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Response by poster: Great work. Thanks guys. Not sure if I'm meant to ask follow ups, but does knowing the plane and location narrow down the airline or originating airport?
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Not without at the very least nailing down the airline, and I see no markings on that one to help. Heathrow has always been a very busy airport and the Electra was used by a few US airlines, but also in Europe by KLM. So there are way too many variables.
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I looked at nose cone colours of the prop, and while this one looks like it may be black (or even dark blue) I couldn't find conclusive pictures that only one airline had blue ones. Colour schemes seem to be a bit random and the colour in the video a little bit suspect maybe. Most of the airlines had their distinguishing features on the fuselage and the tops of the wings, in areas we can't see from that.
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The water tower in the beginning of the Johannesburg video (from around 00:04 to 00:10) appears very similar to the Northcliff Hill Water Tower. If it is indeed the Northcliff Water Tower, then by the angle, the street must be pretty close. However, the street in the video looks pretty wide (two traffic lanes plus two parking lanes without a center divider) but via Google maps, I can't find any street that matches that description that close to Northcliff Hill. So, either that isn't the actual Northcliff Water Tower and just a look-alike or the streets around that area have changed radically since 1971 or the camera angle is misleading and the street is actually much further away than it looks.
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Well, it looks like that particular design of water tower is not unique, the Northcliff Hill one being simply the most prominent/famous instance.
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