Give me your fun, easy adult piano books!
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I played the piano as a kid and can read music but would like to add more songs to my rotation. The goal is for this to be relaxing and fun rather than frustrating although I would also like to challenge myself. I'm looking for books that has fun, advanced beginner songs. I'm enjoying the Motown, would also love to find some good jazz and r&b books. I saw this question but didn't seem like there were many recommendations for jazz/r&b/modern songs.
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Are there "fake books" for piano like there are for guitar, in which popular or familiar songs have been written out (often simplified) for casual performers?
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The I Used to Play Piano series might be of interest to you. There's a general "refresher" book, but also separate books focusing on music from different decades from the 1920s to the 1990s.
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I don't have an answer for you, but I'd suggest trying the folks at Elderly Instruments to see if they have suggestions. They do have some books listed on their site that might be good for you, and the service there is amazing. If you're near Lansing, Michigan, it would be worth a trip.
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look through the Hal Leonard Publications catalog - they print a lot of good quality volumes in this genre
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I'm sorry I don't have specific books to recommend, but if you have a good library nearby, you might have access to a lot of options.

A search on "easy jazz piano" at my library turns up a lot of options, including "The Best Jazz Standards Ever" and "Torch Songs: A Collection of Sultry Jazz and Big Band Standards."

Checking out your library's online catalog or simply going to the library and pulling piano books off the shelves and flipping through them might give you some good options.
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I found the Frank Sinatra Centennial Songbook to be a nice, cheap, big collection of generally very playable arrangements.
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