Good local moving company for Denver to Boulder-ish move?
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Looking for recommendations for a moving company to move our stuff between houses. Start in Denver, end up in Louisville.

We have a 4 bedroom house and lots of furniture and would like your experiences working with movers who are local to the area. We are definitely looking for one of those companies that charges like a flat hourly rate and supplies the truck, does the driving, and the moving labor. We have too much stuff to rent even the largest of Uhaul trucks, so I know I can't do a UHaul + hired help situation. Do you have any experiences with local firms? Thank you so much!
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I did a similar move last year. I used Denver Professional Movers. The team of three that came was careful and efficient (even taking apart and putting back together my larger IKEA furniture). The only hiccup in the day was they were definitely on the later end of the time frame I was given.

Good luck on your move!
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I used Fischer Van Lines and was super happy with their service. They were on time, friendly, more helpful than I expected (boxing up some stuff I hadn't realized they could help with), and got everything where it needed to go in perfect condition. They have good reviews on yelp.
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I've used Around the Clock Movers 4 times, and they're great. (720) 644-1736.
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Thanks y'all!

For posterity, I have also used Taylor Moving out of Boulder and had a good experience with them too.
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We used Fischer too (based on Yelp reviews). We were very happy with them. I've also heard good things about Amazing Moves, but Fischer had an edge on them in online reviews.
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