Movie my Nintendo DS IDs around
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Kiddo lost their 3ds (blue). We have one they can have (purple) but it has an account on there.

Can we offload the purple account to a 2ds (red) and somehow restore the account from blue to purple machine and not lose too much? We don't care if red is dead. But want to keep purple and blue accounts active.

We know we can't rename purple without killing purple but if we can restore blue ....
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I'm confused. I have a 3DS, but I've never heard of accounts. If your kid had downloaded games on his 3DS, they were likely on the SD card that was probably lost with the 3DS, right? If not, just put the card into the new 3DS, which is what my fiancé did when his old one died and he got a new one.
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They presumably mean the Nintendo Network ID ?

IIRC Nintendo game downloads are bound to both a Network ID & a specific (3|2)DS device & to transfer previously purchased rights to a new device, you have to talk to Nintendo customer support directly if you don’t have both devices to hand.

See also, the FAQ on system transfers: "If you don't or can't do a system transfer."
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3DS accounts are tied to games, but not to game saves.

If you buy cartridges, then the save (for most, but not all games) should be on the cartridge and you are fine with whatever device — no need for a account transfer. If you buy digital, then the account transfer allows you to redownload the games associated with that account but not the saves.

(The exception to this is Pokemon Bank, which is completely in the cloud.)

Nintendo support should be able to move the blue account over if you give them a call. If purple or red is a limited edition with a preinstalled game, you should also talk to Nintendo about merging accounts so you don't lose access to that game.
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