Seeking equivalents of size/value etc
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Is there a website that will give you equivalent values for an input? Say I put in a number and it says 'that will get you to the moon 29 times in miles or buy you 1000 Bentley's in pounds' or 'that's as big as Texas or so many Sahara deserts' or 'that's the GDP of Somalia or a footballer's salary'.... You get the idea :)
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The internet does not disappoint.
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While this doesn't do exactly what you want, you might find Wikipedia's pages on orders of magnitude to be useful. There's a page for several different types of measurements (though not money, so far as I can tell), and they're very useful for giving you a rough idea of how large a particular quantity is.
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Wolfram Alpha.
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Dictionary of Numbers is a Chrome extension that detects numbers in what you're reading and automatically inserts a "human-scale" equivalent. I think some of it is pulled from the wiki lists that Johnny Assay linked. It's a lot of fun unless you happen to be looking at NYC apartment listings, seeing "$1400/month [~per capita income of Mexico]" over and over is kinda depressing.
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