International House Sitting
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I'm a single guy (American citizen), looking at international house-sitting as a career option for a while. I'm responsible, good credit rating, own my own home, etc. I see Nomador and MindMyHouse as websites to get into this. Do you have any experience with one or the other? Would it be best just to sign up for both? Have any advice on this experience in general?
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Neither of these is a career option, because you don't get paid! (Just making sure you know this.)
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Yeah, I'm struggling with the "career option" part. I've had house sitters in the past (though not through those services), but aside from maybe some thank you gifts then I assume that getting to stay for free is payment enough.

Or do you also intend to look after pets? I pay people who look after my pets.
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I've done this with Trusted Housesitters. It can be a bit competitive to get a good location and it's almost always unpaid, unless you're looking after a whole farm or something. I'm a single woman and I've heard a few homeowners explicitly say that they are more comfortable with me (or a couple) as a housesitter than a single guy, so that may be another challenge.
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