Can you identify this (possibly military) patch?
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A friend of mine recently picked up a shirt at a military-surplus store in Ireland with a distinctive patch on it (imgur link). She's curious about where it might have come from originally, but Google isn't helping. AskMe, can you identify it?

The photograph doesn't make it clear, but the lettering and stars are black on a white field (the material of the shirt itself is of an olive green colour). There is a white woven name tape on the left breast on which is hand-written 'V. PRITCHARD'. I don't know whether the shirt was tailored for men or women, but I can find out, if it'll help narrow things down.
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It appears to be something dealing with the Naval Stores Accountant position.
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brentajones, looks like you're right on the money there — a little less dashing than my friend was hoping for, but you can't have everything. Excellent catch!

The photograph was taken in the beer garden of an Irish pub in early February — and so therefore chiefly lit by of one of the patio heaters that are ubiquitous here. Apologies to all for the confusion.
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[A few comments removed. Folks, the question is clear about (a) the photo being misleading and (b) the actual coloration of the badge; please don't chatter in here about the color quality of the photo, just help with the actual question.]
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It's an old Royal Navy trade badge.
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