What is a minimal twitter app for android?
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I started to install the "official" twitter inc app for android but balked when I saw how much of my personal info it wants access to (contacts, location, sms, call information, lots more ). Does anyone out there have experience with a minimal twitter android app.? Ideally this app would just display content from a collection of feeds and notify me when new content is posted. Maybe I'm overlooking something but it seems like such an app would not need access to anything more than internet access.
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Best answer: I use Fenix and really like it. Right now it has access to storage per Androids settings and that's it.

If you have a new enough version of Android you can just go in and turn off the permissions you don't want in the "Apps" section of settings.
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Best answer: Falcon Pro only has storage permissions. Location is listed, but off, so I think I denied it that permission. Excellent app!
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Response by poster: Thank you for your suggestions. I went with Fenix and it looks good. Falcon Pro also looked promising. Talon is another that I ran into while reading about Fenix and Falcon Pro that probably would have been ok. Reviews seemed to give a slight edge to Fenix so I went with that. None of these were free but all of them were less than $5

Thanks also for mentioning that you can turn off the permissions you don't want in the "Apps" section of settings. I didn't know that.
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I realise that this is too late for you, but for future readers, be aware that development on Fenix seems to have stopped entirely, and (in my experience) they're not even responding to support messages. The app itself is pretty good, though currently has issue where it doesn't show all your activity, and nothing you do can make it. Falcon has some growing pains and needs to do threading better, but is still actively being developed and has responsive devs.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the the heads-up re Fenix. If Fenix falls short, I'll try Falcon and mention it here.
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