Royalty-free stock photography for corporate use?
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What are your favourite royalty-free stock photography resources for corporate use?

I am part of a six-person publishing/production/creative department for a medium-sized Canadian company. We are responsible for producing materials for both internal and external clients. We are looking for lower-cost, high quality royalty-free stock photography for our materials. Lower cost is an issue as we are still educating people that we cannot just download pictures off the net and plunk them in our designs for quality and copyright reasons.

Ideally, we would like to go with a subscription to a service versus buying each photo individually. We would also like to have one account all of us in the department could use (or a multi-user account) to search for and buy photos for our projects. Our files are stored on a network, but only one person is using them at a time. Files are occasionally handed off to a client for them to print themselves, but generally we take care of printing.

I have sent an email to asking if they would meet our needs (I haven't heard back, and it's been several days - I probably need to reword and try again.), as I am a happy user for my personal projects. No matter what I use, I I want to be sure that we wouldn't be violating any licenses or terms of use. We were using BizArt by Hemera, and it wasn't bad, but we wore it out fairly quickly. :)

I have been Googling and searching the AskMe archives for more info, but I keep finding more about free imagery, and most free sites are not for corporate users, and I want to respect that.

Many thanks for any ideas or recommendations you have!
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posted by purephase at 1:09 PM on January 10, 2006 isn't bad for stock photos. The photos are certainly stock-photos, but they're fairly cheap.

Be careful with (stock exchange) not all are free for commercial use. is better in that respect and have a comparable selection.
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ah, ratfarts...
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My site - All free and public domain. But not geared towards corporate themes, so I might not have the types of images you need. But take a look.
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And I should mention I haven't actually gone through all of that list, so some of those may not actually be royalty-free -- blame the author of that blog post if that's the case.
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I second stock.xchng. It's saved my ass on several occasions...
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Not quite what you're asking, but here is a potentially useful roundup article about various recommended royalty-free stock sites. It's from a somewhat less commercial perspective though.
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if you get an answer from istock...... I use them all the time for website layouts. No problems logging in, buying credits, downloading or anything else. I highly recommend them.

(I was actually wondering about the subscription thing just last week. can you keep us informed of what you find out???)
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i would recommend, and not just because they use my images. they are a subscription-based site, are growing very quickly, and have a huge number of stock photos, drawings, fractals, and vector images.

for single users, a subscription allows you to download up to 25 images per day. according to their faq's page, they do have multi-user license arrangements available. i have found their customer service (for submitters, at least) to be prompt and helpful.
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Missed this the first time. searches all of the free libraries.
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Response by poster: this is helpful. thank you! I've googled or heard of many of these sites, but it's nice to know that real people have actually had luck with them, (or actually run them in y6y6y6's case)

I'm going to look through these, and see what will work for us.
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Response by poster: I also just found an interesting Wikipedia link:

List of Stock Photography Archives

This list has been broken down into major and minor agencies, micro (online-based) agencies, and free archives. Hope this helps someone else.
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