Bringing Google Wifi in to the UK
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I'm thinking about buying a Google WiFi three-pack in the US and bringing it to the UK. Obviously I will need some sort of power adapter for each unit -- but are there any other drawbacks or weird incompatibilities I ought to be aware of?

(In case you're wondering why I want it -- we live in a small flat whose walls have proved surprisingly resistant to wifi. We've jerry-rigged a system with powerline adaptors and two separate wireless routers and we still can't get coverage through the whole place. I'm thinking mesh might be the answer, and Google WiFi seems like the best value mesh.)
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Lack of UK approvals? There's a slim chance that you'd be buying paperweights if the firmware detects use outside countries where Google Wifi has the necessary certification.

Power looks like it comes from standard micro USB, so at least that won't be a problem.
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