Amazon Prime cancellation: will I get a refund?
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My Amazon Prime subscription auto-renewed a few weeks ago, which means I was charged for a full year. I don't want it anymore. If I cancel it now, will I be refunded any of the year's membership cost?
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I was fully refunded when I cancelled mine a few days after it auto-renewed.. Worth a try!
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Amazon has been extremely reasonable with me about things like this. Definitely give it a try!
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Okay, I just did it. They are indeed reasonable: I got the option to either keep my membership benefits until the original expiration date of almost a year from now, or being refunded an amount that apparently is the prorated amount of the remainder of my membership period. I wanted the latter, so the option was very appreciated.
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I see things worked out all right for you, good. I just wanted to add that I had a similar situation a short time ago: I'd signed up for the free trial, basically to get free shipping during the holidays, which is the only time I really use Amazon. It renewed without telling me but I went to cancel a couple days later and it credited me 99% or whatever of the amount.
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I'm glad it worked out for you! In future and for anyone else reading this: Amazon has been great about everything I've complained about. It doesn't happen often, but when a package is supposed to be 2-day Prime and is late, or arrives damaged, or I have a bad experience with a 3rd party seller, Amazon has come through SUPER quickly to make it right. So if you're thinking about disputing something with them, do it! I've been very pleased.
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Nthing fiercecupcake and wanted to add - if a 2 day Prime package is late, just sent them an email and they give you a month of Prime free. I love Amazon's customer service. Just wish they treated their staff a little better.
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