A gift for someone taking on a new (but old) name
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In a couple of weeks, a dear friend and intimate companion of mine will legally change her surname back to her maiden name, many years after the end of her marriage (in which she took her late husband's name). I'm looking for ideas for a gift I might give her that could be inscribed with either her name or initials to commemorate this moment. (She's a woman in her late 30s who lives alone and has no kids.) Thanks for your thoughts!
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I'm not sure what your price range is, but my first thought was a Madewell transport tote with her monogram. It is expensive, but it is a gorgeous unfussy bag.
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I used to have a monogrammed compact which I loved (it was vintage and luckily had my initials--here are samples at Things Remembered, which is not an endorsement).
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Way on the other end of the price scale, there's keychain fobs. A sturdy one with a pleasing shape could be a lovely reminder she handles daily.
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A set of fine stationary notecards, or something else from the stationary sphere.
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I love silver-colored metal card wallets/cigarette cases. They make great credit-card holders or wallets and come in various patterns. I gave a monogrammed one to my maid of honor when I got married (so kind of the opposite occasion), and her only complaint was that I gave her a thin one, rather than the slightly larger size, so she couldn't use it for all her cards. I use one for my everyday wallet.
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Less than fancy, but in the vein of everyday items like a key fob - how about pretty new name/address labels, or a stamp of same?
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I was going to say address labels, too. That's what I gave someone when she did this exact thing and she loved them.
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Is she a reader? Book plates with her name.
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Passport cover.
Ideally, of fine leather with RFID protection lining, but the latter might require DIY.

Smythson has some nice ones.

Or make the entire thing yourself, through a workshop like this. You could do a matching luggage tag.
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