Can you identify this music track from 1967?
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Hello. I've been occupying my nervous energy by providing metadata for a series of off-the-air radio recordings stored at the Internet Archive. I've been fairly successful identifying most things, but I've run into a couple of items I can't identify.

They are from here. Note that this is the second recording on that page.

The music in question starts at 14:39 and leads into a new music at 21:18. This new music ends at 24:08.

I'm fairly confident that the music between 14:39 and 21:18 is Spoonful which was covered by many bands, most notably Cream. It doesn't sound like their studio cut, though which either means it's a live recording or it's not Cream. The first question is: Do you recognize this as Cream? If not, do you know who?

I can't identify the music between 21:18 and 24:08. It sounds like there's a break between Spoonful and this music, but I am not confident in that. This music also sounds live. Since it's instrumental, I can't easily search for it. However, I have listened to the B-side of the Cream Spoonful single (Spoonful, Part 2) and that's not it. I suppose it's possible this is just an un-named jam recorded live somewhere. KMPX covered a lot of local acts so it's also possible that this was a local group.

The announcer, who was pretty good at announcing everything he played, didn't mention what either of these songs or their artists were.

It'd be nice to know for the metadata, but it's certainly not critical. :-)
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Best answer: Re: the first one, it's this version of "Spoonful" by Cream.
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Best answer: ...and the second one is "High Rise" by Savoy Brown Blues Band.
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It sounds like Jack Bruce (the way he oscillates his voice). Sometimes he doesn't sound like 'him'. He might have had a cold...
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Best answer: A quibble regarding High Rise — (a) that was on their first album release Sept. 1967, so the date is plausible; however, that album was not released in the US, and (b) they did not do a US tour until January 1969 with a San Francisco stop in March. So it seems unlikely that KMPX would have had a live recording of it. To me this sounds more like Cream. But they don't appear to have recorded it at all.
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Response by poster: Thanks so much! I see the quibble about High Rise and I see the concern, too. But it's clearly the song. My sense of it being live may not be correct at all. These were recorded over-the-air and there is some overmodulation and fidelity loss from time to time.

As far as whether KMPX had it, I think it's plausible considering what type of music they were playing at the time and how many independent record stores were around. What's more KMPX was a very small station at the time and nearly always in trouble in one way or another. I think it's possible one of the announcer's saw the record in a local store and brought it in for play.

This is mostly guesswork and High Rise could be a cover of something much older, but I ... can't say. At the least, I can put Savory Brown Blues Band with a note that it could be another artist.
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