Popular, robust, private social networking solution?
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Hi! I am interested in creating a private online social space for people who share the same niche interest. Where can this live with maximum connectivity, and minimal muss/fuss/need to create YET ANOTHER online identity?

For various reasons, members might or might not want this tied to their Facebook account. Otherwise that would be a decent tool. Things I'd like, in descending order of importance:

1. profile pages
2. good mobile integration
3. chat
4. a bulletin board
5. an event calendar

Profile pages are a must, otherwise I think that Kik or Reddit could be usable with a bulletin board and calendar (for Kik) or calendar and chat (for Reddit) being hosted elsewhere like Google Groups.

If there's a widely used platform that can be tweaked to link smoothly to other services, I'd love to know. I want to keep the barrier to entry as low as I can. Thanks!
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A lot of people go with Slack for this, but you'll have to pay to get custom profiles.
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MediWiki can do this, as can many/most other wikis. Wikipedia has a nice comparison of wiki software.

Many of the popular ones can be installed with a few clicks using popular hosting services.
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You could do this with Buddypress (an add-on to Wordpress), and use OAuth for sign-ins if you wanted to avoid creating yet another sign-in. You'd need to add a few additional plugins to get all the functionality you wanted, and it would require some ongoing administrative oversight.
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