Cheap train from Manchester to London
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I want to get down to London for cheap from Manchester. Specifically, leaving on the afternoon of the 9th Feb (need to be there for about 5:30ish) and returning any time on the Sunday (I'm not fussed when I'm back, within reason). What can I do to wrangle myself a cheap train fare?
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Best answer: Try the National Rail Enquiries website - single tickets each way work out £12.50.
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Unless you're dedicated to getting the train for some reason, I would strongly recommend going with National express instead. It's still early enough in advance that they are offering funfares - your journey could cost as little as literally £2.
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Sorry - fixed link: National express.
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I might add that anyone over 5'10" is going to regret taking a coach. It's certainly cheaper but it is extraordinarily cramped and uncomfortable going by coach. If you do take the train - book in advance and you may get further savings. You also have time before your travel date to look into a railcard, depends on how often you travel as to whether it's worth your while.
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A friend flew from Manchester to London for peanuts (less than a tenner) a couple of years ago. Try Ryanair or easyjet, I can't remember which.
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Sorry, it was Midlands! I just looked, and you can travel 9 quid one way (and as low as 2pounds on the return leg).
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Aargh. Forget what I said about flying. The airport taxes for two flights costing 11pounds are 47quid!!!!
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