Who is providing the best news coverage about the Trump administration?
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If I were going to subscribe to one website (newspaper, magazine, blog etc.) to keep as up to date and informed as possible on the Trump administration, where would it be?

I used to work in the media and while I recognize that 95% of it is local coverage and regurgitated AP headlines, I know there are people out there still doing good old-fashioned real work---fact-checking, debunking, and offering educated, insightful analysis about world events, and specifically being an eyes and ears on Mr. President.

I would like to encourage such vital and necessary reporting by financially supporting someone who is doing it. I have a small baby and can't go to protests etc. And I don't live in the US so my ability to influence by calling upon lawmakers etc. is limited. This is one small action I can take, even me sitting at home in my pyjamas.

So, who gets my money? Who is providing the very best coverage of these things? I have enjoyed The Washington Post and The Atlantic for instance, but maybe there is a fantastic publication I am not considering?
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Sorry if it's too mainstream and obvious but I think Maggie Haberman for the NYT is a total pro and has done phenomenal work covering the administration. Following her twitter alone (and her retweets from colleagues she respects, etc) I feel 1000% more informed.
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I think the New Yorker has been essential during both the campaign and it's unthinkable aftermath.
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You might also look at the international site of Der Spiegel.
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Vox is excellent
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If you have Amazon prime, you can get 6 free months of Washington Post - https://subscribe.washingtonpost.com/prime/#/.
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I think it's too early to say for sure. But I'm surprised no one has mentioned the Guardian yet.
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The Intercept is doing serious work. Democracy Now! is good. The Nation. Also Politico.
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Seconding the Guardian.
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Thirding the Guardian
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I'm a New York Times subscriber, and have been for years, but I have Washington Post envy right now.
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4thing The Guardian.
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Washington Post is putting in work. Also, check out this tip courtesy of ArbitraryAndCapricious:

Guys! I just found out that the Washington Post offers free unlimited access for anyone with a .gov, .mil or .edu email address. Just a heads up if you qualify.
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I came to suggest what the others have suggested. As a slightly more out there idea if you have the money throw an extra subscription Teenage Vogues way or at least pick up a copy if you see it on a news stand someplace. Yes it sounds silly but they've been doing some high quality journalism over there and offer super clear non sensationalist explanations of situations, I have them in my daily news rotation.
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typecloud, thank you SO MUCH! Just signed up for that!
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The election's over (sob) but electoral-vote.com is still providing excellent daily roundups.
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When deciding where to put my money after the election, I decided on four monthly bills: a recurring donation to Planned Parenthood, and subscriptions to The New York Times, the New Yorker, and the Washington Post. Historically I use only free news, but I felt it was important to back these publications as they set themselves against the lies.

On a much smaller scale, here in Seattle http://seattlish.com is my favorite.
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I chose the Washington Post (using the Amazon discount) and the Guardian as my answer to this question.
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Mother Jones is my go-to.
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I just discovered this little gem. Blessed are the shit-waders who cite their sources. http://whatthefuckjusthappenedtoday.com
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If you subscribe to your local paper, you may have a free 52-week digital subscription to the WaPo included. I was amazed to discover that my podunk small-town paper is included in this program. The list of included papers is here.
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Oh, sorry, I missed the part where you're not in the US, but maybe that will help someone else. I finally coughed it up for a paid subscription to the NYT in a fit of pique after one of Trump's attack tweets on them, and continue to get satisfaction from it every time he slags on them. So there's that. But the paper I feel the guiltiest about reading for free is the Guardian.
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The Guardian, same as for everything.

Flick 'em a few bucks while you're there.
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While understandable, the urge to find one, and only one, source of news really won't work. Cable TV is generally hopeless, and has been since the 1980's when the nets began requiring news departments turn a profit.

Whatever sources you select, learn to identify the audience each targets and how that is reflected in its story selection, placement and packaging. Agreement with a piece that is spun or framed by partisan assumptions doesn't necessarily make the piece accurate.

OTOH, don't avoid those, You can't understand what's going on without an awareness of how partisans are framing and spinning the issues.

The Guardian, NYT, and WaPo, mentioned earlier are all excellent sources. I rely on the BBC news site for a quick breakfast run through the world.

The national press won't cover local or regional affairs until something explodes. Finding good sources there is more problematic.
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The NYT uncritical Iraq reporting did a ton to drive us into war last decade and their mistake in holding off on Russian links reporting in October (determined to be a mistake by their own public editor) may have given us this current cluster. I don't know about you, but personally I think given this poor judgement, they ought to be off the table and you should just give to the Intercept, ProPublica, and the Guardian.
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I think the Washington Post is the best one I've seen.
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So I know I'm a bit late to this but - I highly, highly recommend the WashPo and Politico. I especially enjoy Politico's Morning Playbook.
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Reuters -- http://mobile.reuters.com/ -- coverage has been excellent and unbiased. (Sorry about link; posting via mobile.)
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