Is it too late to get my ACLU donation matched by a random celebrity?
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It seems that there was a twitter storm this last weekend with various celebrities, tech stars, and so on, offering to match donations to the ACLU. But it seems that most of them have already been fulfilled.

I'm not a twitter user, so I'm a bit mystified as to how this all works, but I made my little donation of $75 to the ACLU on Sunday, and if I can get Rosie or Sia or someone else to match it, that would be just fine. Does anyone know of a celeb who is still matching donations, and if so, what's the best wayto get them my info?
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VC and Disqus investor Fred Wilson will be matching up to $20,000 on the first of every month this year. I'm not sure if that includes Wednesday, but keep an eye on his Twitter.
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I've seen matching passed around as a source to find the various people running matches, and it appears that some of them are still open.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone, for helping me out.
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