Windows: how to display webpage or application when machine goes idle?
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We have a terminal at work which is used as an ePOS till. It's really important that that function is easily accessible because when it's needed, it's needed. i.e. we have a customer or queue waiting to be dealt with.

But sometimes when we have a lull, it would be good if that same machine's display could show pertinent useful information: for example




Is there any software (ideally freeware/open source) that could minimise our till due to system idle, and display a specific application or webpage?

For bonus points, does anyone know a way of clicking the top right Window close button on a Windows Java program and then answering the confirmation prompt with a "Yes" we did mean to click that button? The reason I can't just force kill the application is if I do that, the program never updates itself because it only updates itself if it's shut down gracefully.

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Think I've answered my own question with an app called "Watch 4 Idle" but still keen for recommendations on what application or webpage to show for a "to do list" or messageboard (bonus points would be one I can add items to by email!) and also the question about closing a java app.
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You sound like you are describing the features of a Screen Saver (aka "screensaver") but you aren't using that word.

Screensavers are defined as something which takes over the screen when the system is idle and displays some sort of content, but goes away immediately when there is activity (someone hits a key, moves the mouse, touches the screen, etc.)

Is that what you want?
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Hi solyent, yes, kind of - the functionality of a screensaver in terms of how it behaves on/off idle is exactly what I want.... but I want the screensaver to display useful messages to our team here in the business. I'm not sure if anything exists off the peg. I'm sort of bodging together a solution at the moment!
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Looks like Xibo + screensaver application might be the answer for me...
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(My answers are Windows based)

Personally, I like "Caffeine" which prevents my machine from locking, going to sleep and displaying the screensaver.

You can configure it, so that the screensaver is displayed.

Next - use a simple graphics program like PowerPoint or Visio - then save each slide as an image (.PNG or .JPG) to a folder.

Then use the built-in Windows picture slide-show screensaver to point to your folder...
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