How do I ignore one of a blog's authors?
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Can I ignore one author's posts on a Wordpress blog, either by crafting RSS feeds or doing something smart with my client?

I follow Cosmic Variance with RSS. It has five authors. I am only interested in four of them, and would prefer not to see posts from the fifth. Their CMS is Wordpress and my client is NetNewsWire.

I understand Wordpress is written in PHP. Is it possible to craft a feed URL that ignores posts from an author? Failing that, is it possible to craft several feed URLs, one for each author?

Failing that, does anyone know how to get NNW to ignore posts by an author? Using a smart list, I've managed to create a smart subscription where Subscription Name is Cosmic Variance and Creator is not $AUTHOR. However, I have to maintain a regular Cosmic Variance subscription to do this, all of whose posts show up in my unread items.
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I don't know of any way to exclude authors off the top of my head. But you can get the posts of particular authors like this:

And you can get the different author IDs by visiting the contributor pages linked on the right sidebar and checking out the 'Posts by [author]' link.
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Best answer: Can you do, ie:
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No, but you can do a comma separated list of authors, like so:,6
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Response by poster: /feed/?author=-x works. Thanks very much!
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All I can think of would require you to read the feed with Firefox, not NetNewsWire. There's a Greasemonkey plugin that excludes all of Xeni's posts from BoingBoing, presumably it could be hacked to do that to anyone...
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null terminiated's URL works for me.
posted by mmascolino at 11:04 AM on January 10, 2006 seems to work too, as does,4,6
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How do I exclude Cory's posts from boingboing?
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More generally, you can use XSL. Just take an identity tranform and add a rule that matches items you don't want, but which does nothing.

Then you need to apply the XSL to the XML. I use Saxon, but thre's a pile of xsl engines out there.

Example here (self link, permalink).
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Is there any way to do this with Movable Type blogs?
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lukemeister, you are looking for it'll let you filter boingboing all sorts of ways.
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AaronRaphael: Yes!!! I never have to hear about Walt Disney World® again!
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