Ties - where can I find great tie online?
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I'm looking online for nice ties for work that fit some specific parameters.

I'd like to find high-quality and cool-ish (relatively speaking) ties online in a price range of about $80-$120. I like Sid Mashburn's ties a lot, but they tend to be a little bit more expensive. Looking for a width of about 3.25" or about 8-9cm - not skinny but not fat. I like the colors and patterns that Sid Mashburn has -- pretty classic or preppy, but somewhat more fashionable than, say, BB. I like Kent Wang too, but he doesn't have very many choices. Basically, where are some more options in the same ballpark as Sid Mashburn and Kent Wang?
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Are you sure about Brooks Brothers? They look a lot like Sid Mashburn to me. They're a nice normal width, and they're in your price range (many for $80, some for $115). The brand might not be associated with "cool," but I'd suggest looking around — they have a lot of variety (notice the different color options for most ties).
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Have you considered Sam Hober?
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Drake's on sale would also work.

I've always liked but never bot the ties from Vanda.
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Hober is intriguing, but man does it seem complicated! My issue with BB is that something about the silk/sheen of the tie always seem to make it look cheaper than similarly priced ties from other makers.
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I love Drakes, but shipping from the UK is the worst. Sid has some Drakes stuff and I have seen it on Mr. Porter too, but not cheap.
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The Drake's NYC pop-up is having a crazy sale that ends tomorrow. 3 ties for 150. Call them maybe?

Hober is easier than it sounds but I admit the specs and shipping mean I've only ordered from them twice but I've been very happy. Mostly Grenadines where I feel like I'm not paying for anything of value at Drake's. .
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J. Press? O'Connell's? The Tie Bar?
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My favorite shirt maker, Kamakura, has some lovely traditional style ties in 8.5cm width. Their designs are limited but the fabrics are much nicer than BB.
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I'm a relatively long-time (if intermittent) client of both Beau Ties and Charles Tyrwhitt.
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With the caveat that they're just on the edge of launching the necktie line, I'd strongly recommend Bowline Co. I've seen and handled their handmade bow ties, and they are both beautiful and wonderfully crafted. The necktie line will be just as good, I am certain.
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Sir Wylde
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Chipp/Paul Winston's ties meet most of your requirements and are affordable and made in New York.

Don't be put off by the 'go to hell' novelty and dog ties if those aren't your speed and head for the grenadine, foulard, madder and silk shantung. If you don't like ties with a sheen, madder especially has a dry, almost dusty finish.
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Vineyard Vines has ties in that price range. They have a "rich guy in the Hamptons" vibe that may or may not be what you want.
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