Chicago immigration lawyer recommendations?
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Can you recommend an immigration lawyer in Chicago who could give advice to an American looking to bring her Canadian same-sex partner to the USA?

Since my American partner moved to Chicago for work just over a year ago, I’ve been planning to join her there after finishing grad school in mid-late 2017. Plan A was to find a job and get a NAFTA visa; as a Canadian citizen and working as a nurse, I will be / would have been eligible. Now it looks like this may not necessarily be a viable option so we would like to prepare for other possibilities.

Plan B was to look into marriage-related visa options. We have been together for a number of years and are Common-Law spouses in Canada. We aren’t currently engaged or married, but it’s on the table. As the political situation develops, though, we’re feeling less and less confident that plan B is reliable. Even if it is, if we choose this process we would like to have advice and support, especially now.

So: can you recommend an immigration lawyer for us? Our ideal person:
  • Is familiar with Canada to USA immigration
  • Is familiar and comfortable with same-sex couples and related family immigration law, and can also give us advice about the way the Trump administration may affect our plans
  • Is located in or near Chicago, in a public transit accessible location (neither of us can drive)
And a note to end on: writing this today, I feel compelled to acknowledge the fact that I can only still consider migrating to the USA to be with my partner because as a white Canadian citizen, I’m in a major position of privilege.
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MeMailing you.
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