Year End Top 30 lists for XM Pulse & XM Spectrum
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I was able to find the year end countdown charts for most of the XM channels I listen to, but I couldn't find them for XM Pulse Top 30 countdown 2015 & 2016 year end. I also seem to be missing the XM Spectrum 2015 Top 20 year end countdown list.

These charts are usually posted on the Facebook feed or the XM blog, but I've searched through the backlogs and used Google, etc. and come up empty handed. I see references to when the shows ran, but the Sirius playlist sites don't seem to go back far enough.
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Pulse Top 30 of 2016

Pulse Top 30 of 2015

Haven't found Spectrum's for 2015.
posted by jenny76 at 7:27 AM on January 31, 2017

Thank you so much for that. I've tried posting and messaging the Spectrum Facebook group, so maybe I will get lucky.
posted by inthe80s at 6:52 AM on February 9, 2017

I found my Spectrum list by noting the date in this post in their blog and then finding the tracklist on the Dog Star Playlist. I couldn't select a date in the search box but I did find an old search in google that I was able to move back and forth with.
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