Trivia categories for a 40th birthday party?
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I'm throwing myself a 40th birthday party, and as part of the schedule of events, I'd like to conduct a pub quiz. I'm not planning to do trivia *about* me, because that would be boring. Instead, I'm trying to come up with some categories of questions that would be connected with my 40-ness. I'd need to be able to come up with about 10 questions for each category.

Some examples I've thought of:

Celebrities who were also born in 1977 -- either pictures of them for people to recognize or clues about them.
Things that won awards in 1977 -- Oscars, Emmys, etc.
General Trivia about things that happened in 1977, 1987, 1997 and 2007.
What famous people were doing when they were 40 -- movies or albums, sports achievements, political offices held, etc.
Give an event that happened and have people choose which of 1977, 1987, 1997, 2007 or 2017 it happened closest to.

My quiz team plays in a weekly league that's in the style of PubStumpers. It has:
-- 10 questions of short answer trivia
-- 10 multiple choice questions
-- 10 questions for recognizing music -- song title and artist.
-- repeat the above three categories
-- 5 somewhat harder short answer bonus questions
-- a 10 question "recognize this picture" round.
I'm not married to that format, at all -- especially the overemphasis on music recognition which I am very, very bad at -- but it gives you an idea of the sort of overall structure I'm aiming for.

I'm not looking for suggestions for questions (though you might want to offer an example of what the question might be like for your category) but rather for types of questions.
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Famous quarantines of history?

(Days, years...)
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Might be funny to do something on signs of aging
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How about "Titles with the Word Forty"?

e.g. The 40 Year Old ____________
40 Days and 40 _______________
Ali Baba and the 40 _____________
40 Pounds of _______________
40 Miles of Bad _____________

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For the musical category - songs that peaked at #40 on the Billboard charts.
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Name the TV show / comic book / other serial based on a heavily edited description of its 40th episode or issue (which, ideally, came out in 1977, 1987, 1997, or 2007).
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Music recognition - you could play a snippet 40 seconds into the song.

Recognize this picture - you could show an image still from 40 minutes into a movie. Or ID a book based on a photocopy of page 40. (Or have generic questions based on a quote from page 40.)

1977 is year of the snake in the Chinese zodiac, right? Maybe a reptile category?
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1977 means Star Wars.
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How much did [item] cost in 1977?

Gas, butter, etc. That was before the Apple II started the PC revolution.
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as someone else that turns 40 this year i'd avoid tying the pub quiz to what was going on in 1977 unless all your friends are 50 or older. i'd focus on stuff from the 1980s and 1990s for trivia.

maybe go for things like "movies made when movie stars were 40".
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When I think 40, I think of forties! Like the forty ounce beer bottles. You could show pictures with the name on them covered up and ask people to name the brand.
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A category about people who share your birthday in any year and/or people who died on your birthday. Pick your favorite X (movie, book, game, etc.) and have a category about that.
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