If Trump ends NAFTA will I lose my work status?
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What should I do to prepare for the renegotiation of NAFTA as a TN-1 holding Canadian living in the US?
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If you're in the US right now, don't leave or else you may not be let back in for the moment. I say "for the moment" because I am hopeful that this edict will be immediately challenged and rolled back.

Consult your employer immediately, since a TN-1 is employment based. They may be readying legal counsel already, or may be able to recommend legal counsel to you.
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You and ~350,000 people in silicon valley. I am in the same boat. I don't have an answer but also consider whether you hold dual citizenship or were born outside of Canada.
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I've asked my employment/immigration lawyers this, and they've refused to speculate. I think there's a small chance we would be allowed to stay out the length of our visas (with no possibility for renewal), but the smart money is on us immediately losing status.

Good luck. I am finding the whole situation to be nerve-wracking.
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