Name of War Film
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I have very hazy memories of watching a war film (I think) when I was young, in the mid 70's. All I can recal is a scene where people - Possibly enemy soldiers are crucified, or hung off of poles beside a road. Any one have any idea what the film is?
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Do you remember which war?
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Agree it could be from Spartacus: Final scene.
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A Town Like Alice? It's set partly in Malaya during World War II, and it has scenes of a man being beaten, crucified and left to die by Japanese soldiers. There is a 1956 film and a 1981 miniseries - neither of these exactly fit your period but here's a clip of the crucifixion scene from the 1981 miniseries in case it rings a bell.
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The Sand Pebbles has a scene with a guy getting the "1000 cuts" treatment on a pole, IIRC.
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To End All Wars?
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Just to clarify, it was shown when I was a small child in the mid 1970's, I think it was about WWII, and I think it was in B&W I also think the soldiers were tied to posts rather than actually crucified
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In no way could this be what you're looking for, but if I recall correctly, there was something to this effect in Game of Thrones a few seasons back.
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