Which anime do I only vaguely remember?
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I remember only a sliver. If I recall correctly, a ship traveled the galaxy kidnapping life forms and transforming them into spart parts for the ship. Is this enough information to identify it?
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Does it have to be anime? There was an episode of Dr. Who like that (the one with Madame Pompadour)
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"The Girl in the Fireplace" is the Who episode.
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This sounds very similar to the 1953 short story Specialist - maybe that inspired it? Could help track it down, anyway.
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No chance that it's Cowboy Bebop? I know they travelled the galaxy, tracking down people (and maybe lifeforms) for bounties. Not sure if any of them became part of the ship (although I have a vague recollection about some entity living in the hold).
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OP has seriously misremembered Cowboy Bebop, if that's the one they're thinking of. :P
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