Cheongsam inspired fashion
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I would like to wear more cheongsam inspired modern tops and embrace that part of my heritage. Where can I source them in Germany?
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Where in Germany are you, and are you opposed to buying things online? Are you looking for plus or standard sizing? Do you want things custom made or ready to wear? When you say modern, can you link to photos of the type of modern looks you like?

This is a very broad question, narrowing it down will help.
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I'd love an online source.
I've got my mom's figure: slim, smallish, no hips no boobs.
Custom made sounds expensive...but I'd consider it for special items.
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I like stuff like this or this.
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fuckyeahchinesefashion on tumblr links to a lot of Chinese-inspired and historical (mostly hanfu) fashion shops, like this. The problem is that these brands are focused on the Chinese national market and unless you have a friend in China you would have to use a shopping agent, I think. Changan-moon is another tumblr account I follow for the pretty hanfu stylings.

The other option is to look for cheongsam in Aliexpress, but who knows the quality. At least it looks like they have a CNY promotion right now.
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Oh, and there's taobao too. It looks like it's possible nowadays to buy from taobao directly, but most people used to do it via a shopping agent. If you need to communicate with the seller for sizing and such and you don't read/speak mandarin, I think an agent would still be the best option.

(I have shopped in taobao for hobby stuff but I've never managed an order, so I'm afraid I can't be of more help)
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Have you checked Etsy? I also just did a quick search on Amazon, and it looks like they have a ton of options, both modern and traditional. I'm not sure if you have access to Amazon or if the results will be different in Germany, but there's a lot in the US.
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Try asianicandy. There isn't a huge selection but they ship worldwide.
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