Japanese diner books and TV shows?
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I just finished watching Midnight Diner -Tokyo Stories on Netflix and I loved it. What are other books, TV shows, and movies about Japanese diners? I'm not so much interested in sushi -- more these places that serve soups, noodles, and what seems to be a lot of fried meats... Also, is diner the correct term for this kind of Japanese restaurant?
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Best answer: The first thing that comes to mind is Tampopo by Juzo Itami, about (among other things) a struggling noodle shop.
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Best answer: Tampopo is fictional, not documentary, but I bet you'll love it.
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Best answer: There's The Lonely Gourmet - it's pretty easy to find subtitled online, on Korean drama sites. Those sites also have what looks like other seasons of Midnight Diner (and a movie) as well as the Korean remake.
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Best answer: I don't have specific suggestions but the term you're looking for is probably izakaya.
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Best answer: I got confused myself making this post (maybe someone can answer some of my questions) but just some details on the whole Midnight Diner universe:

Midnight Diner is adapted from a manga (comic book) called Shinya Shokudō.

There are actually three seasons of the Japanese TV show (30 episodes total), but I think Netflix only has one. I'm not sure why the name and year change to "Midnight Diner - Tokyo Stories (2016)" - Was there any editing done to the original Japanese series? Oddly, it's called a "Netflix Original."

It was also adapted into two feature films Midnight Diner (2014) and Midnight Diner 2 (2016) - I haven't watched the movies so I'm not sure if it's the TV show recut into a movie or entirely new footage.

The source manga was also adapted into a Korean show called Late Night Restaurant.
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Best answer: There's The Ramen Girl. I've never seen it, though, so I can't vouch for whether it's any good.
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Best answer: Ill admit that this is kind of a non-answer, but I originally mis-read your question as shows about Japanese DinNer and wanted to put in a recommendation for Cooking with Dog, a YouTube series my dad turned me on to. Its so weird and delightful it could only be from Japan.
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Best answer: Wakakozake! Wakako visits a new izakaya in every new chapter/episode. It's a very quick read/watch. The manga only has about 4-6 pages per chapter, and each anime episode is 2 minutes long. There was a short anime series, with 2-minute episodes - which you can watch on Crunchyroll.
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Best answer: Begin Japanology is an amazing resource for this kind of thing.
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Best answer: Somewhat related, NHK World has a show Document 72 hours that goes to random places and hangs around for 72 hours interviewing people who drop by. Sometimes these are food places like a stand up oden shop or a mall food court or a lone ancient udon vending machine. To me the show has a sorta similar vibe to Midnight Diner. The same network also has Lunch On which goes to various workplaces and such to check out people's lunch routines.
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Response by poster: Just a quick update -- I love and recommend Lunch On. It's amazing and perfect. That's a great call, zengargoyle. Document 72 is also great. I'm enjoying Late Night Restauarant, too. I've requested Tampopo from my library. Great suggestions! Thanks everyone!
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