Costume ideas featuring Roller Shoes (or at least including them)
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I will be attending something like a costume party, though it will have long, flat concourses which would be great for gliding. I'd like to take advantage of my roller shoes under these conditions. What should I wear?

I am an adult (male) with a pair of roller shoes (Heely, the kind you see kids sliding down the aisles of grocery stores in). I'm going to an event where everyone dresses up in costume, and I'd really like to make use of the shoes. I have worn them plenty of times, so should not trip and fall (presuming I don't overdo the drink). I'd like to go in a costume that accentuates the rolling, though I don't want to spend a lot of time or money on the rest of my outfit. I don't mind purchasing something that I could somehow use in other ways in daily life, but don't have the time or energy to build a cardboard R2D2 suit for myself, for example. What ways could I use these shoes for such a purpose?
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You could be Michael Jackson and take the Moonwalk to extremes.
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Make a costume that looks like you are being blasted in a wind tunnel (gel your hair horizontal, rig a suit & tie so that it looks wind-blown). Then glide through the concourses as if pushed by your own personal windstorm that no one else can feel.

(edit: oh, and play the sound of a tornado on your phone)
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Anything with a cape would be glorious.
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Roller derby referee?
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One of the Gentlemen or a nun?
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1. Dress in black.
2. Wear a yellow knit hat.
3. Attach a dozen yellow crepe streamers to the hat.
4. When someone asks, tell them you're Halley's Comet.
5. When departing the party, say "See you in 76 years!"
Optional: Attach White sequins randomly to clothes to look more like outer space
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Awwww snap. Jamiroquai all day long.
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Something glide-y. Like a ghost.
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The Martian Madame from Mars Attacks?
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Kramer from Seinfeld and do his sliding in the room thing every time you go up to a new group of people, enter a room, go to the drink/food table.
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Olympic figure skater. Black pants, open-button shirt, massive amount of hairspray, eyeliner, medal of some kind. Huff and smile and wait for your scores. Done.
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Poor taste and no longer topical Couples costume, Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding?

Or Peter Pan.

You could dress up like the thing people hit with bowling balls, and be a rolling pin.

You could make a large J and a large K on your outfit, carry a copy of The Chamber of Secrets, and be the Harry Potter author.

These are all horrible ideas, please do them and send pictures.
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Actually all great ideas, people! Thank you. Jamiroquai was a brilliant one; I did it, think I did it well, yet don't think many got it. Doesn't matter - I'm sure there were some who somehow got Virtual Insanity stuck in their heads without knowing why.
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