New suit, tailored, fast, in SF
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I want a great, fashionable suit for an LA premiere and afterparty in four weeks (non-black-tie). What business will take my money and make me look great in this time frame?

I am a guy.

I care about nice fabric that drapes properly.

I do not so much have a six pack as a pony keg.

Price is not an object.

The ideal source would be in downtown SF or the Oakland area.
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Bloomingdale's in the Westfield Center or Nordstrom next door are the first two places that come to mind. Or Barneys on O'Farrell.
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They're not quite "price is no object," but I've been happy with Suit Supply and they're quick.
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Oh, and if you're really serious about price being no object, you might also check out Saks Fifth Avenue on Union Square. Not sure if the timing will work out for you, but they have a custom men's suits setup.
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Don't spend TOO much. I once went to an LA premier and after party wearing a new expensive suit to find that the Director was wearing an old sport jacket and jeans.
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Four weeks might be tight, but Beckett & Robb in downtown SF made me a great custom suit last year with a month turnaround. They're located in Embarcadero Center and keep normal business hours for fittings.
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Brooks Brothers does custom suits that would fit your frame and the keg.
240 Post Street in downtown SF.

Nordstroms can work miracles if necessary.
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+1 for Beckett & Robb. They might be able to turn it around in four weeks since it's not peak wedding season.
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Four weeks? Brooks Brothers. Four hours? Nordstrom.
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I have read raves about Al's Attire in North Beach. Have no idea about the turnaround time but if you want bespoke, Al's speaks your lingo.

If you don't care about custom, agree that Nordstrom is probably a speedy solution. I've used the personal shopper folks at Nordstrom for myself, my kid and a niece. Each time was a pleasure because they hold your hand all the way, take care of getting items hemmed or tailored, etc. It was so fun saying yes, no, maybe and having them take away stuff I didn't like and find stuff I might.

Have fun getting a new suit and have fun at the premiere!
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Can't speak for all the solutions, but Nordstrom's personal shopper helped me pick out something I liked, and tailoring turnaround is one week.

Beckett and Robb I want to like, but the website is all photos of the hip and trim tailors in the various suits, and I read it as "you are not our demographic."
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